One Small Problem – How Penis Size Matters to Your Love One

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Let's venture through the looking glass for a moment, or into the matrix, if that's you're preferred metaphor. There exists a world of truths not often seen. These truths, ceaselessly lurking in the shadows, plant themselves in our minds, but we remain blind to them.

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Summary: Why size is so important to your relationship? Because female naturally attracted to men with longer, wider penises
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They're like phantoms, and we blissfully march past them for the simple reason that we choose not to see them. Some of these truths remain concealed out of necessity, for if they were to make their way out into the open, they would compromise the very fabric of our society. I am about to reveal one of these dark truths to you right now, so prepare yourself. Are you ready? Here goes.  
Your penis size matters to your partner. 
Yes, it's true. For years you have been led to believe that “it's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean.” You have comforted yourself with the knowledge that penis size is completely overrated, and only a matter of concern for paranoid men who watch too much porn. Yes, blissful ignorance is a beautiful thing, but quite often in life, the stories we tell ourselves are mere coping mechanisms, intended to fend off those phantom truths that would mean to do us harm. 
Size Matters – The How and the Why 
So now that we've ventured down the rabbit hole, let's explore the idea a bit further. According to a study from the University of Ottawa in Canada, women are more naturally attracted to men with longer, wider penises. The study examined 105 Australian women who were asked to rate 53 male subjects according to attractiveness. They had no idea they were participating in a study about penis length.

As the study found, the men with longer, fuller penises were rated more highly. So if you consider yourself to be a size king, perhaps you should consider wearing nothing from the waist down when picking up women; never mind, that might lead to some unfortunate misunderstandings. 
But the question remains, why is size so important? Perhaps—looking again from an evolutionary standpoint—women are drawn to larger penises because they know, at least on a subconscious level, that greater size amounts to greater penetration. They may even associate size with fertility. Whatever the reason, we all need to accept the cold, cruel reality: size does matter. 
I'm Lacking in the Size Department – Now What? 
Now that we've made peace with the bad news, some good news remains. For starters, your size isn't set for good. If you want to achieve growth naturally, try certain herbs, like Deer Antler and Cuscuta, which have been shown to improve hormone levels and to promote new growth and width. They may not turn you into a human pogo stick, but they can definitely provide a much-needed boost.
So next time a woman tells you that she doesn't care about your size, just smile and remember that it's all social protocol. I don't tell you that your butt looks big in those pants, and you don't tell me that my penis looks like a broken crayon. Now that's true love.

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455Crazy posted on Thu, 07/10/2014 - 12:14
I read an article very similar to this from a very good source about a month or two ago. It is so true, they somehow know how to pick the men with the bigger penis without even seeing it or knowing about it. Women have some superpowers I tell you.
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