Myths About Sex Therapist

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Relationship experts know a thing or two about marriages and long-term commitments—they’re experts, remember! Most individuals fall into this trap that “I don’t need a relationship expert.” Well, you may be right, but that’s one common myth people tell themselves. In fact, most relationships can benefit from a one-on-one sessions with a therapist. Don’t buy into these myths:
I Don’t Need Help With My Sex Life. We know, we know. You know how to resolve your own sex-related problems. Unless you’re a certified expert, you may not know all there is to know about relationships or sex. More importantly, if you find yourself quarreling with your partner, you may need to reassess your views on “I don’t need help.”

I’m Not Crazy. Most people associate therapy with mental disorders. We get it: You’re not crazy. Even the sanest individuals need help, so reconsider your stance.

I Hate Complaining. Everyone needs to vent. Sometimes you need to unleash your frustrations and talk to someone. Therapy is not a place where you complain and whine; it’s a place where you learn and grow with your partner.

My Sex Life Is Private. Sure, your sex life is private, but sometimes letting someone know the problems with your sexual health may provide some new insight.


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