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When I travel abroad, I try to abide by the cultural norms of the area to which I traveled, but sometimes a different culture can take me by surprise. Like when I visited Colombia, South America, I thought I would ask the good-looking guy standing in front of me at the local market what drink he was buying. I was simply hoping for a conversation-starter, but instead I received a lot more information than I was anticipating about his sexual intents. 
Polvo De Maca
He turned around when I inquired about the drink. I could tell by the way his eyebrows raised and his lips curled that I had asked an exciting question, but I did not understand why. He handed me the peculiar elixir. The bottle had a picture of a raging bull on the front. I turned it around and on the back it listed the ingredients. One in particular caught my attention: “polvo de maca,” or maca powder.
Strong In The Bed
He continued to inform me that he likes to be strong, (“muy fuerte,”) in bed and men his age can sometimes start to lose their potency and stamina. He fondled his belt for a minute while he smiled at me, and I admired the sexual freedom he felt. He said that maca has been used for centuries as a stimulant and aphrodisiac, and is nearly a coveted herb by men of his culture.

Modern medicine recommends non-natural remedies, but these do not work on an emotional level and do not replace missing nutrients in the body. Time and again, I have listened to my friends’ sob stories about how unnatural it felt having sex after their partner took Viagra. The herbs that I am talking about are sensuality enhancers as well as sexuality enhancers. 

For Women Too?!
After our first encounter, I researched maca powder and found information on different aphrodisiac herbs from all over the world. Since the beginning of time, men have found natural remedies to boost their libido and boost their ability to please women. What’s even more wonderful about most of the herbs is that they are beneficial to women as well. We all have neurological transmitters that can become exhausted for various reasons, but luckily, the global market has made it possible to research and purchase natural remedies for these issues. 

My Inexhaustible Sex Life
My story was from four years ago, and the man standing in front of me that day, Claudio, and I have been together since. When people ask how we met we enjoy watching their faces as we tell them the spicy story. We are in our late 30s now and still have an inexhaustible sex life, which is not the case with some of my friends’ sex life. 
Trying various remedies in small doses is most recommended because everyone is different and finding the herb that suits your body best may take some time. Some of the herbs can be taken in the morning, as a mental stimulator as well as an aphrodisiac, while others are intended only for nighttime arousal.

Find what works for you and combat the sexually draining effects of stress, age, or over-stimulation by replacing vital nutrients and nourishing the body’s sex organs.

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Lotusflower posted on Sun, 10/16/2016 - 11:22
Is there any possibility Maca could do the same as Saw Palmetto for women and wipe out all sensation and rigidness of the nipples & clitoris? I am not much better than 3 weeks ago when I took 500 mg one time each of Saw Palmetto & Fenugreek, for sexual arousal & breast enlargement but I felt adverse effects immediately. Do not want this to happen again with the Maca.   
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