Marriage Doesn’t Stop with the Birth of a Baby: DHEA Capsules Help Men Enjoy Sex While Juggling the Responsibilities of Fatherhood

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After her daughter’s birth, Hailey worried about postpartum depression. She knew from her mother and sister she was at risk. But she eased into motherhood almost effortlessly. She and her husband were ecstatic and felt, after several years of marriage, they were at last a family.
“Everything seemed perfect,” she tells us. “Of course, caring for a newborn was exhausting, and I kept waiting for signs of depression within myself. But I felt only happiness. I was born to be a mom.”
Likewise, her husband Aaron seemed to perfectly fit the role of dad. He loved the baby and took time to play with her when he got home from work. Hailey, however, sensed something was wrong after six months.
A Different Man
“Aaron started to withdraw,” she remembers. “He’d come home and sit in front of the TV instead of with the baby and me. Or he would drink beer on a weeknight, something he’d never done before.”
As they approached the baby’s first birthday, Hailey started to panic. She knew something was troubling her husband, but he wouldn’t talk to her. “He was having trouble sleeping, he seemed to be in a fog and he lost all interest in sex. I tried to get him in the mood a bunch of times, but nothing worked. He wasn’t the same person.”
Hailey spoke to a friend who also worked as a counselor. She said something that made Hailey gasp in surprise. “Based on Aaron’s symptoms, my friend told me he probably had postpartum depression for dads. There I was, worried it would happen to me, when instead my husband got it. I had no idea what to do.”

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Time for Change
Luckily, Aaron noticed what was happening and sought help. He started talking to a therapist and, by the time the baby was two years old, got a grip on the changes in his life. He still wasn’t healed – his depression persisted – but he was better.
Except in one particular area: sex.
“I had a hell of a time staying hard when Hailey and I made love,” Aaron explains. “Our relationship was back on track, but something was definitely wrong with my body.”
Up to 50 percent of people diagnosed with depression suffer sexual difficulties. Depression ensues with an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Those same chemicals prompt responses like arousal and erection, meaning an imbalance stifles sexual function. For men, this often comes in the form of erectile dysfunction.
“I remember Hailey telling me she wanted another baby, and my only thought was that I couldn’t even stay hard enough to have sex,” Aaron says.
If You Seek an Answer, It Will Come
It was during this time he began taking DHEA capsules. DHEA is a naturally-occurring chemical in the body that facilitates blood flow to the penis and stimulates the growth of robust penile tissues. (SEE: Erection Improvement with DHEA) It also prompts testosterone release so a man enjoys sexual arousal and sustainable erections. But depression causes DHEA and testosterone to wane until a man cannot perform in bed.
“The DHEA capsules worked wonders,” Aaron explains. “I soon felt my energy and concentration return. Then my libido came back with a vengeance. I wanted Hailey all the time. It was incredible.”
“I remember the first time we had sex after Aaron started the DHEA capsules,” Hailey says. “His penis was as hard as a rod. He came twice in about 30 minutes. Our sex life is amazing, and I’m pregnant with baby number two. I guess that proves how wonderful DHEA is for men with erectile dysfunction.”

What to do

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