Managing Diabetes for Better Erectile Strength

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Type 2 diabetes ranks as the third most preventable disease in the United States, according to the CDC. Type 2 diabetes is also the number one cause for kidney failure, and equally insidious, diabetes will cause impotence in half of diabetic men.

Men who suffer from diabetes will experience impotence because of an impairment of the nerves, blood vessels and muscles. Men with diabetes will want to find a cure—and fast—to prevent further damage to their relationships and sex lives.
What Should You Do
Learn to manage your blood sugar. According to medical experts, individuals who manage their blood sugar levels will notice an improvement to their erectile strength. Men who fail to monitor their sugar levels will see a decrease to their erectile strength. Here’s what you can do to better manage your diabetes:
Manage Your Sugar Levels—Daily: Individuals who neglect their sugar levels could be consuming foods that could pose a danger to their health and erectile strength.
Maintain a Food Diary: You want to monitor what you consume throughout the day to get an idea of what you can avoid. More importantly, food diaries help you better control your calorie and sugar intake.
Quit Smoking: Diabetes can ruin your sex life, and when you combine the condition with an activity like smoking, the results can leave your sex life in shambles.
Exercise: Keeping muscles and nerve endings functioning will require constant exercise, and a few minutes a day can improve your health and erectile strength.

What to do

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