A Man With Backbone: Putting Spine Back Into Your Erections at Any Age

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Men'sWeak Erection Herbs: Cnidium

There’s a point at which all men begin noticing issues with erections. No matter how much of a Lothario you were in your youth, one day or another, you’ll start having problems getting it up. And why? It all comes down to a question of how long your male hormones will hold out.
Slippery Slope
DHEA and testosterone, the two most important male hormones, begin to decrease dramatically post-forty. DHEA can sometimes bridge the gap between actual testosterone production in the testes and adrenal glands, but once it runs out, you’re out of luck, Jack. At this point, a man begins noticing how many less erections he has now than he remembers he used to have. And he realizes that he never reaches full strength even when he does happen to get a hard-on.
These, and other well-known issues can be the plague of man from the day he realizes what’s happening, until the day he stops wanting to have sex. Possibly never. This is the conundrum Peter found himself in: fifty-five, erections flagging, but still wanting to have sex with his wife of twenty years—who wasn’t ready to give up her husband without a fight.
Not a Viagra Man
“Myrna and I had been continual lovers since almost the day we met. When I started having problems getting it up, she didn’t pussyfoot around. ‘You need to see what you can do to get your penis back in shape,’ she said. So I started doing some searching,” said Peter. “Of course, all I could find on my own was a lot of fluff about Viagra and stuff like that. ‘Well,’ I thought, ‘That stuff’s just not for me.’”
Same Old, Same Old
And that was that, for Peter, for a while. He and Myrna struggled on together, trying to strike when the iron was hot, and find other ways around the problem. This scenario probably seems pretty familiar to you men out there. The fact was, without enough testosterone in his body, Peter was fast losing his desire and his strength, along with his already missing erections. The male body needs testosterone to promote desire. It also needs testosterone to keep up muscle tone and keep blood vessels in good condition.
Small Thing, Big Issue
And, as a matter of fact, the missing testosterone was also causing Peter’s missing erections. The male body manufactures nitric oxide from a testosterone precursor. This little known chemical compound is wholly responsible for male erections. It allows the muscles holding the blood vessels of the penis shut to relax—introducing blood flow and resulting in an erection. It’s funny to think that the reason older men can’t get erections isn’t from a lack of muscle tone, but from an overabundance of it!
All or Nothing
Now, after Peter and Myrna had floundered on for a while, they began to get fed up with their sexual half-life.  They decided to look outside the accepted pharmacology for a solution to their problems. While there are many herbs that are reported to improve erections, after speaking with several homeopathic practitioners, Peter thought he’d landed on one that would do the most good with minimal potential side effects.
“I wasn’t looking to trade one problem for another,” said Peter, “I just wanted something simple, that I could take once a day, and get good results with.” With that in mind, he was directed to begin a course of Cnidium. Cnidium Monnieri is a flowering herb with specific chemical compounds known as ostholes that function as anti-spasmodics. (SEE: Cnidium for Full Erection Restoration) This property encourages those tightly tensed muscles to relax in a similar way to nitric oxide, but without the necessary testosterone.
Don’t Lose Your Edge
“We chose Cnidium because it allows me to continue to age gracefully, but cuts out the side effects. I don’t want to go fooling around with Mother Nature.” And within a few weeks, Peter’s erections had returned almost in full force. “I think it’s better to do a little outside research before you make your choice on how you want to live your life,” said Peter, “And I want to be the one controlling mine. Myrna likes a man with backbone.”

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Revitalize Your Erections with Cnidium

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