Low “T” High Chance of Infertility

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Infertility is every human being’s worst nightmare. The ability to produce an offspring gives us hope that we will not be forgotten after we leave the world. Infertility, however, can cause an anxiety and emotional breakdown even to the most mentally sound individuals. This is why hope should not be lost and we should have in mind that there is always a way to remove the problem and leave our gift to the world.
Keep Calm and Carry on!
Stress assails each of us. Stress from work, stress from the kids, even stress from the wife can damage the movement and development of sperm. Poor sperm health is not the only cause for male infertility, smoking and drug use too can exacerbate the problem.
Mobility--First Step Toward Success
For males, testosterone remains the responsible hormone for development of reproductive tissues and the secondary sexual characteristics. An unhealthy and careless lifestyle may affect the levels of the hormone and thus the mobility of the sperms.
The sperm movement helps the sperms reach the female egg successfully and fertilize it. Usually, men who have an unhealthy way of living lose their ability to procreate and thus their sperms are weak and cannot survive the environmental conditions in the vagina due to lack of enough alkaline solution form the prostate.
Be THE Man!
The first thing men should consider in order to become fertile again is a change in lifestyle. They should lead a healthy sexual life, start doing more exercise and have a balanced diet. Moreover, anxiety and stress over the issue of infertility should be avoided. It is never a good thing to worry and be negative. Instead, more information can be found on the issue and this may help resolving the problem.

Furthermore, a special herbal formula for fertility can be used as a treatment and a libido boost. It will help increase male potency and sexual endurance. Additionally, it will increase the volume of the semen and thus the number of healthy sperm.

What to do

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