Low Sperm Equals High Pain

Women profess the most painful, traumatic experience they will endure is labor. Men’s follow-up response: “try getting hit in the balls.” A nudge, a tap, even the slightest graze can cause an inordinate amount of pain.
While the sharp pain of being hit in the testicles resides—even after a few seconds—most grazes and hits can lead to permanent testicular damage or lower a man's  sperm count. Men who suffer from a low sperm count experienced an often cold, stinging pain in the testicles, annoying and driving any male mad.
Ouch, It Hurts!
What may seem like minor injuries can lead to low sperm production and can leave the testicles in a dilapidated state. Small bumps and taps to the testicles can proliferate the production of scar tissue. These scars can have insidious consequences that can lead to testicular callous. If the testicles suffer from a callous, the body impedes on the production of sperm, resulting in complete male infertility.
Infertility aside, the lack of sufficient sperm can lead to that cold, often aching feeling in the testicles. Men should be aware of how small nudges, or even worse, deliberate trauma to the testicles can lead to low sperm count and pain.
Fun Can Be Painful
While a low sperm count can lead to testicular pain, excessive masturbation can also have harmful effects on the testicles. Masturbation can be healthy. Abusing this activity can have latten effects, such as sexual exhaustion and testicular pain. Ejaculating too much can lead to a condition called testicle torsion. If an individual suffers from torsion of the testicles, the blood supply to one or both testicles is cut off. If blood sloppy is removed, the testicle will die causing infection and pain. 
Reduce Pain, Proliferate Sperm!
Reducing the pain of the testicles requires the aid of anti-inflammatory supplements to help rejuvenate the tissue and nerve endings. In addition, men who suffer from a low sperm count may see a proliferation of sperm to see a reduction in testicle pain. Performing testicular massages can help reduce inflammation caused by excessive masturbation, while a Botanical Remedy For Groin Pain & Testicular Atrophy can help proliferate sperm production. Both solutions may provide some solace to the sharp, debilitating pain some men may be enduring because of a low sperm count.

What to do

Testicular Massage

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Botanical Remedy For Groin Pain & Testicular Atrophy

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benjaminXT's picture
benjaminXT posted on Mon, 01/14/2013 - 09:28
I read the first few paragraphs and was already hooked. It is crazy how you can really affect the matters of how your testicles work. This is really crazy. I am going to be careful not to be hit there anymore. I want to be able to have kids later in the future.
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