The Legend of Snakebeard - The benefits of the Ophiopogon herb

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From a genus of herbaceous perennial plants that hosts over 65 species, Ophiopogon is native of the temperate to tropical climates of east, southeast, and south Asia. Generally, it grows best in warm climates but is quite adaptable. It and others of the species grow and thrive in either sun or shade and can withstand adverse conditions such as extreme heat, dry soil, or high humidity.
Derived from the Greek words for “snake” and “beard”, Ophiopogon is distinguished by its tuffed, beard-like growth of leathery evergreen leaves. Technically placed in the family Asparagaceae (subfamily Nolinoideae), the plant grows from short rhizomes, and bears the tufts of leaves from which flowers on short stems appear above. The flowers emerge in mid-summer, succeeded by shining blackberry-like seeds that remain throughout the winter. Its tuberous root is highly prized and considered indispensable among Chinese herbal medicine practitioners.
Ophiopogon has demonstrated remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. It has been widely used in herbal formulas associated with the treatment of various inflammations, including those of the prostate gland (as evidenced by its inclusion into the Advanced Botanical Rejuvenation & Detox Solution For Prostate. Since many unique compounds have been isolated from it, it could actually be beneficial to consume the entire plant. The herb exhibits antibacterial properties and may actually increase oxygen deprivation tolerance. 
Ophiopogon is well known for its ability to nourish lung function, generate fluids, and moisten the lungs. Many report that the slightly cold and bitter properties of Ophiopogon help to reduce irritability, mood swings, and bad temper in both men and women. It is even alleged to extend the foreplay activities for better lovemaking by increasing stamina during intercourse.

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Ian2000 posted on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 13:12
That's why I heard of this herb! I had an inflammation in my stomach and someone mentioned taking Ophiopogon. I didn't really bother because I figured prescription drugs would work better. Those gave me really bad side effects. When I learn of someone with an inflammation I am going to recommend it and tell them there are no side effects and to just take it and not ask questions. It will help.
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