Kegel Exercises: The Benefits to Male Enhancement

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Search any health website promoting Kegel exercises, and you’ll find a flurry of online content claiming the benefits of the exercises for urinary incontinence. Do a bit more research, and you’ll find Kegel exercises get marketed as a technique for penis enlargement. Most people will be quick to peg the claims as both outlandish and strange, but before you judge, (and we know, you’re judging) some pundits for the technique claims it adds length, improves blood flow and expands tissue.

How They Work
Kegel exercises contract the pelvic floor muscles, and each time a man squeezes and holds theses muscles, more blood flows into the penis. According to pundits, the exercise also strengthens the muscles to improve the angle of erections and redirect blood for larger erections. Men who attempt these exercises are told to treat the techniques like traditional weightlifting regiments, contracting, releasing and regularly performing these exercises for extended periods.

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Benefits of Kegel
Kegel pundits claims the exercises provide several advantages, including
  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles for improved bladder control
  • Improved angle of an erection
  • Longer lasting erections
  • Greater control over your orgasms
  • Healthier, smaller prostate
Men who use Kegel exercise can see improvements to both their ejaculation control and prostate size. Meanwhile, if practiced enough, men can notice an increase to the size of an erection.


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