The Ignorance of Impotence - The truth behind overlooked herbal cures

There are many potential reasons for impotence among males. Chemical factors such as HGH depletion, dopamine depletion, and DHEA depletion, as well as physical causes such as excessive masturbation, can all contribute to erectile dysfunction and soft erections. Obviously, there is no lack of pharmaceutical quick-fix solutions at the ready; we are practically inundated with advertisements for them! But quick-talking spokespersons often breeze through the ‘fine print’, disclosures of potential side effects of which they free themselves of all liability. It’s these harmful reactions that leave men in need of a safer remedy. Of course, the media is not inclined to educate us about the natural alternatives that have been proven through the ages, there’s just too much money to be made by blending often-dangerous chemicals and selling them in the form of expensive pills.
Everyone should know about herbs with “adatogen” properties, for they have far-reaching health benefits. Adaptogens wondrously modulate our response to all types of daily burdens we endure. Whether it’s stress caused by physical, environmental, or emotional factors, adaptogens are there. Perhaps the primary reason as to why they are so appreciated and sought after is their great healing effects on sexual dysfunction. There is a wide array of these healing herbs that contribute to the treatment of impotence; Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestis, Butea, Superba, Schizandra, Mucuna Pruiens, Damiana, Panax Ginseng, Cynomorium, Maca, and Cuscuta have all been recognized for the benefits they provide to the impotent male. In fact, together they form the “Botanical Solution for Erectile Dysfunction”, a popular remedy used to reverse the effects of impotence. It is known to rejuvenate erectile tissue damaged by sexual exhaustion or scar tissue plaque that has formed as the result of injury to the penis. These herbs can replenish HGH and Dopamine after they have been depleted due to excessive masturbation, as well as potentially reverse the effects of Adrenal exhaustion caused by hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysfunction.
Known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as “She Chuang Zi” the herb Cnidium is quite potent. It is proven to prevent oxidative damage. In TCM, it is recorded to govern swelling and damp itching of the genitals, strengthening the ability of male genitalia to fertilize the female’s egg, and to unblock and promote movement in the meridian channels, so ‘Qi’ and blood circulation can properly flow through the genital and Kidney Yang areas, making it a prime potential agent to be used in the fight against impotence.
Another effective adaptogen herb that relates to this matter is amusingly known as “Horny Goat Weed” (technical term epimedium sagittatum). It is a well-known libido and sex drive-enhancer that naturally increases testosterone levels. For sexually burned-out males with high stress hormones, Horny Goat Weed can modulate and improve both the immune and endocrine systems concurrently while boosting erection quality by inducing the male hormone.
Pharmaceutical medications simply are not for everybody. Be comprehensive in your intent to investigate the methods that are available for treating impotence. The natural solutions are just not widely discussed - it’s almost as if they’re secrets concealed to protect a billion-dollar industry. But, the information IS out there. And for treating impotence, the organic formula known matter-of-factly as “Botanical Solution for Erectile Dysfunction” is a remedy certainly worth checking out.

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Botanical Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

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BMWthedream's picture
BMWthedream posted on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 09:38
It surprises me how simple herbs are such big factors to help in impotence. Anything from Cnidium to Horny goat weed. You can literally solve huge problems by simply taking a step forward and taking herbs. They will help your performance enhance or return if you lost it.
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