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Intercourse remains a natural way for couples to interact and demonstrate love and affection. But if she experiences pain during penetration, she won’t be satisfied—or happy. Pain during sex remains a normal part of a woman’s life, but it doesn’t have to be.
Pain can occur because of length, vaginal infection and even due to STDs. While these remains common causes for pain, stress-induced pain can too lead to intercourse issues. For women, dealing with high levels of stress remains a common issues—especially for mothers. Mothers often must juggle multiple issues a deal, all while caring for their offspring. 

High levels of stress can lead to damages in the body’s proper chemical makeup. With hormones out of sync, women can start to experience painful interactions with their partners. Each thrust can feel as if being poked by dozens of needles. Meanwhile, each penetration can force you to scream—and not in joy.  
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Several herbs can minimize the pain. Poria Cocos, Ostrea Gigas and Bupleurum can each cleanse, calm and build up the liver function to balance the body with proper hormones for reduced pain levels. Ginger root, meanwhile, assists in the calming of the reproductive organs, while White peony nourishes the blood and alleviates pain from sexual intercourse.
Peppermint leaves soothe nerves and tension, making it the ideal ingredient for over 1000 years. It too improves circulation and relaxes the main muscles in the gut. Lastly, Licorice cleanses inflamed mucus membranes in the vagina.
When these herbs are combined, they work together with the body to soothe and relax vaginal muscles caused by stress. They work with the body to cleanse harmful chemicals created by stress. The combination gives gentle relief from this tension allowing the sexual experience to be more natural, the way it should be.

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