How To Please Any Woman in Bed

Okay, so perhaps the title is a bit of an overstatement.

For instance, if you're a straight guy, you're probably not going to satisfy Ellen Degeneres in the bedroom, no matter how awesome you believe your sexual prowess to be (but kudos for getting her into your bedroom in the first place).

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But this article isn't about turning your penis into a sexual magic wand. It's about unraveling the mysteries of pleasing your female partners. After all, the female libido can rightly be identified as “the 8th Wonder of the World,” and for many guys, it can be downright perilous to navigate the labyrinth that is the female sex drive.

Sexual Wellness for Pleasing Her Better

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Well, take heart, my friend. Even you can make your partner experience the throes of unspeakable ecstasy, but it's going to require a bit more from you than just a few rhythmic pumps.
Work on Your Stamina
For a guy, the orgasm is the major end goal, and whether it takes five minutes or 20 minutes to achieve, we're basically content as long as we reach the finish line. But for women, it's about the entire experience, and five minutes of your thrusting usually isn't going to provide her with the necessary level of arousal to achieve an earth-stopping orgasm.

So if you're a bit of a two-pump chump, work on your endurance. Herbal remedies (my favorite: calm pills for lasting longer) can naturally treat premature ejaculation, and if you cut back on the masturbation, that can also help a great deal.
Sex Positions That Improve Stamina

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Memebers Share Their Experiences

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Communicate With Your Partner
Communication is probably the most difficult thing for a guy to do, but it's absolutely essential. It doesn't make you less of a man to inquire about her needs. It just makes you a more informed man, and it will make you a much better lover. Making love to a woman without communication is like trying to build a cabinet from IKEA without reading the directions. It's just not going to happen.
Don't Fear the Toys: Exploring Sexual Fantasies
While we're on the subject of things that challenge our manhood, a lot of guys are afraid to bring toys into the bedroom. But with the right toys, you can please your partner like never before. For instance, consider how a cock ring can provide her with clitoral stimulation even during intercourse. A majority of women require clitoral stimulation for an orgasm, so don't snub your nose at anything that can make your job easier or give you a happier partner. Men and woman interested in toys may want to discover the options available, including:

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Don't Forget About the Romance
A little wining and dining can go a long way. Some romantic music, maybe even a trail of rose petals or a gentle massage can provide plenty of stimulation. To satisfy her, you first have to appeal to her mind and her heart. For us, it's all about friction. For them, it's a bit more complicated. And by “a bit,” I mean a lot.

So take your time, be patient, and put her needs before yours. It will make a world of difference.



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