How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System - Missing That Morning Erection Again?

Say you’re a wake-and-bake kind of guy. You wake up, and you smoke some weed to bake the mind into a state of euphoria. Each puff brightens your morning. Each inhalation revitalizes the mind. Each ounce of cannabis makes you feel ready to conquer the day.
Now weed may provide the cure-all for back pain, anxiety, hell, even panic attacks, but what many see as an all-natural drug, excessive use can lead to an insidious side effect on your body and mind. Worse of all, you might missed out the usual morning erection & refreshed mind when waking up in the morning.
This is how it started...
When I was still in high school, marijuana remained a big part of our teen-age-minded ecosystem. The kids wanted to drink. They wanted to party. And they especially wanted to get high. Some of the people I knew were getting high daily, and almost all offered me some weed, but I always said no.
Here’s why I am glad that I declined the drug:  marijuana small traces of toxic byproducts that damage the Blood/Brain Barrier that leads to Erectile Dysfunction.
Each puff of the sticky-green stuff, the body raises its level of prostaglandin E-2, an inflammatory hormone that relaxes the muscles. When too much prostaglandin E-2 remains present, the hormone constriction the arteries and slows the flow of blood to the penis. With little blood flow, an erection cannot occur.
Oh, but marijuana does much more than just increase prostaglandin E-2; it too inhibits acetylcholine, a blood-flow controlling chemical that thwarts nitric oxide, a signaling molecule used for stimulating the penis. The damage to the body leads to erectile dysfunction. 
Ancient Origins the Remedy
When I was in high school, I may not have known the chemical processes for why weed wrecked the body. But now, I am a little glad that I stayed away from it.
Traditional Shoaling monks developed a remedy called the “Cannabis Detox,” a formula originally given as an aid for opium addicts. Opium, much like marijuana, alters either the brain or body chemistry in ways that may prove to have unexpected and unwanted sexual side effects. Thanks to ingredients such as Bupleurum and Astragalus, the body can eliminate the toxic buildup and find a stable balance of necessary chemicals to improve erectile strength.
For centuries, Cannabis served as a fantastic source of inspiration for artists. For several years, it served as a go-to drug for several of my high school counterparts. Now, it remains a debated plant that can cause some serious side effects. Whether you’re for the drugs all-natural abilities or against, be aware of the dangers it has on your sexual health.

What to do

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