House of Shame – Prematurely Busting Lose

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men'sPremature Ejaculation

There you are, waking up and fantasizing yet again about the evening’s date. You’re stroking your morning wood which is pretty large by average standards, it’s a couple of inches over as a matter of fact. Yeah…she should be pretty impressed by your big package.
You met her a week earlier at a local bar, and you hit it off so well that by the end of the night you were sucking on each other’s faces like a couple of starving lampreys. During the week leading up to your date, you bragged a little about your sexual prowess, telling her that you had pleased women so well that a couple had ended up stalking you.
The Real Deal
In reality, even though you do have a larger penis, for some reason you haven’t been able to last long as of late. But this time things will be different; through sheer force of will you would hold back your semen and give her a couple of screaming orgasms…and all would be right in the world.
She arrives at the appointed time and you both go at each other again, but this time you end up naked in your bed. It seems that no sooner do you begin having sex that all of a sudden there is a little explosion down in your naughty areas. Your date has a laughs at you in a way which barely covers her distain and throws her clothes back on. You’ve failed epically, yet again.

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Volcano of Semen
If you’re like thousands of men who experience premature ejaculation each and every year, something similar to the above scenario may have happened to you or someone you know already. Men can go from being a champion the sack, to being the target of ridicule and insults. After all, part of a man’s identity is intertwined with his ability to please a woman in bed.
A man’s ejaculation ducts, which are formed with the seminal vesicles and vas deferens, pass through the prostate and together, they propel semen into the urethra and out of the glans (penis head). That is the ejaculation process; at least for a normal healthy male. A man with weakened ejaculation ducts has a harder time preventing this sudden release of semen and can end up not only disappointing his lover, but also being ridiculed and/or embarrassed. So what can a man do to improve this common sexual dysfunction?
Repairing Your Ducts
While some doctors may want to prescribe anti-depressants to men who are suffering from premature ejaculation issues, there are others methods which one should consider. Anti-depressants may inhibit the urge for a man to bust lose too quick, they can also carry along with them certain side-effects, such as lowering overall libido levels and even causing impotence.
Natural herbal mixtures containing Astragalus Complanatus may be a wiser choice for men seeking to eliminate their premature ejaculations without the hazardous side-effects that more traditional pharmaceutical drugs can cause. (TRY: Premature Ejaculation Fighting with Herbal Formula)
Astragalus Complanatus contains powerful fatty acids which can effectively strengthen a man’s ejaculation ducts, as well as improve overall sexual libido. It can also be used by all ages and promotes holistic body health.
So get on the healing path back to being a champion in bed and being able to harness your ejaculations so that you can explode when you want to, and not a second before!

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