Hormone Imbalance Caused by Birth Control

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Since its conception in the 1950s, birth control remains a prevalent contraceptive. With more women deciding to take birth control, the number of cases with reported side effects has increased.

From increased chances of having a heart attack to worsening signs of diabetes, birth control has a bevy of side effects. Despite these known issues, women take the pills.

How Birth Control Works
Birth control stops pregnancy because it emulates a woman’s hormones. By maintaining a regular balance of estrogen, the body cannot release an egg necessary for fertilization. Without birth control, the body will produce more estrogen, signaling to the ovaries to release the egg.

If the egg is not fertilized, the body will see a decrease in both estrogen and progesterone, and the uterine lining will shed signaling the start of menstruation.
Why Birth Control Is Bad
When taken in excess for extended periods, birth control pills will condition the pituitary glands. Once the pills are removed, the glands begin to feel a residual shock from the deficiency of estrogen & progesterone.

The shock will cause women to experience per-menopause symptoms because of the proliferation of LH and FSH being released. Women may start to experience anxiety or mood swings because of the sudden hormonal change.

High levels of LH and FSH may not be the only problem: UTIs, vaginal discharge, and even a lack of orgasms can all be caused by excessive birth control pill usage.

What to do

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