Her Big Frustration - When Your Size Can't Reach Up To Her Deep G-Spot

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You’ve liked heard of the Gräfenberg Spot. You may not recognize it by its full name, or you may have never located it on a woman’s body, but you’ve heard of it. Most people recognize the Gräfenberg Spot by its other name, one easier to pronounce and spell-- the G-spot.

This tiny, 1 to 3-inch piece of flesh that resides between the front vaginal wall and the vaginal opening, remains a big debate for pundits who study the female anatomy. Some proponents refute the location, existence and even size of the G-spot, while medical pundits assure men—and women—that the highly aroused piece of flesh exists, but proves difficult to find and to stimulate.
For men seeking to pleasure a woman via a G-spot, finding it can prove troublesome, especially with a small penis. But we’re here to help, clear up some confusion, and may be, just may be make you look like a sex god.

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First, A Quick Guide on the Female Anatomy
Search the web for how to stimulate the G-spot or where it’s located, and you’ll find some conflicting, often confusing answers and suggestions. Most men who search for information on the G-spot want to know the basics—its location, size and stimulation process. So here’s a quick Q&A:
Where’s the G-spot located?
Between the vaginal walls and the opening of the vagina.
How do I locate it?
Insert your index finger into the vagina. Use your finger to reach toward the belly button. Slide your finger toward the halfway mark between the vaginal opening and the cervix. Feel for a rough patch of tissue about the size of the walnut to find and to stimulate the G-spot.

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Stimulating the G-Spot With a Small Penis
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