Her Big Frustration - When Your Size Can't Match Up With Her Loose Vagina

Most people are aware that during stimulation, the penis will almost double its size. What people are unaware of is that the vagina too experiences growth during stimulation. According to Masters and Johnson, the average un-stimulated vagina will grow from 2 inches to about 3 inches. While growth is common during stimulation, some ladies feel their vaginas remains “too large” or “too wide” for a man.
Ladies, stop blaming yourselves.
Sure, you might suffer from a bit of vaginal looseness caused by a depletion of hormone levels. And yes, you might experience a bit of displeasure from the lack of tightness, but understand that your looseness is not caused by frequent use, but by a depletion of hormone levels that keep the tissue from retaining its elasticity and tightness.

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The Blame Game for Stimulation
While men and online forums will blame women and claim the vagina remains “too big” and “too wide,” it is the length of the penis—not the vagina-- that can attribute to poor stimulation. Men with small penises or poor technique blame women for the problem, but length, width and technique remain large contributors toward a woman’s pleasure threshold.

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Stopping the Blame Game and Growing a Penis
For the blame game to stop, men must understand the complications occurring during enlargement. Men who smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs in excess can impede their enlargement efforts. Meanwhile, men who masturbate, maintain poor diets and make poor lifestyle choice will notice little to no results. Men who heed the warnings of poor lifestyle habits and diets can experience enlargement by taking the right supplements, such as Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth that
  • Expands tissue
  • Increases blood flow toward the penis
  • Sends nutrients toward the penis for improving size
By improving the size of your erection, you can stop blaming your partner’s “wide vagina” as the cause for your poor stimulation. 

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