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Through my own personal relationship, I am beginning to understand just how different men and women are. I don't think I ever gave it much thought before hand, I suppose I just believed that the thought process between the sexes was fairly the same…Boy was I wrong. Men and women do not think in the same patterns at all, which can make it difficult to fully communicate and understand each other without the other person getting hurt or left feeling lost in their own relationship. Luckily, I've come up with some easy tips and tricks over time to keep a relationship honest.
Apology Accepted
One of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome when dealing with tiny tiffs my partner and I shared was saying I was sorry. I've learned that admitting that you were wrong should never be viewed as admitting defeat. If you have done something or said something that has hurt your significant other, you should be able to recognize your ill doings and apologize for them. Letting things fester will only grow a small problem into a tremendous explosion of badness.
Shake It Off
It might be because I'm a woman, or it could just be my own personality, but when I become upset with my boyfriend I tend to shut down. As I'm sure any man would, he hates when I do this. Mostly because nine times out of ten he has no clue what he's said or done to make me react this way.

I believe this is the breading ground for the age old reply of “I'm fine.” Women have been saying it forever, and it seems that men have collectively caught on to the fact that, “I'm fine” is really just a place holder for, “I'm extremely upset with you right now but I'm not going to tell you why, you should already know that.”
For a while now I've been trying my hardest to just tell my partner when something is wrong. There is no benefit to bottling our feelings until they explode out of us like horrible tasting champagne.
Sharing Is Caring
No matter what stage you are at in a relationship, it is important to establish mutual respect and trust between the two of you. The way to do this in a non-formal way is to gradually share with each other your wants, needs, fantasies, and desires in order to build a solid foundation for your relationship.

You can achieve this level of closeness and communication by sharing your favorite music and movies, sharing your personal goals, introducing each other to friends and family, or taking a class together.
Above all, communication is key. You'd be surprised how many arguments and sleepless nights can be abolished by just the simple act of talking things out when a problem arises. And when you do talk, keep in mind that your partner will not always react in the way you prefer, or the way you expected.


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