Feel the Burn – The Strange Link Between Weight Lifting and Testicle Pain

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Are you crazy about lifting weights? Do you like to spend your days at the gym, toning and sculpting and building the body of you dreams? Do you enjoy the sensation of devastating pain shooting through your testicles?

Okay, that last one is probably a “no,” but if you're a hardcore lifter, maybe you've begun to notice an increasing presence of discomfort (or perhaps even indescribable agony) originating inside the pendulum between your legs.

Believe it or not, testicular pain is a common side effect of heavy weight lifting (perhaps that's why Arnold Schwarzenegger is constantly yelling at the top of his lungs), and there are multiple causes. Here are some of the more fun ones.
Inguinal Hernia
According to Livestrong, lifting heavy weights can lead to a weakening along the lower abdominal wall, which can actually cause part of your intestine to descend into the scrotum. Depending on the severity of the hernia, surgery may be required. In less serious cases, the hernia may just contribute to mild burning and aching along the scrotum. The only positive thing about having an inguinal hernia is that it makes a great story to tell people at formal black-tie events.
Low Testosterone from Heavy Lifting
Testosterone is a funny hormone. When performed in moderation, weight lifting can raise your testosterone level, but when indulged excessively, weight lifting can cause your testosterone level to crash and burn. Testosterone is produced inside the testicles (in fact, that's basically what your balls are for), but when insufficient testosterone is present, an imbalance of hormones wreaks havoc on the endocrine and reproductive systems, stunting the growth of tissue inside the testicles and causing severe discomfort. When working out at the gym, it's extremely important not to go overboard. Besides, any fitness guru will tell you that over-training will only stunt your muscle growth anyway.
Low Testosterone From Steroid Use
For some people, there's a lot more going on in the gym than simply lifting weights. If you count yourself among the more than 1 million Americans who have admitted to using steroids, you should be aware of the dire effect that these drugs can have on your testosterone. Once they cause your T-levels to decline, you may experience a wide range of side effects, not the least of which is severe testicle pain. You may also fall victim to diminished libido, soft erections, impotence, acne and severe mood swings. Once again, it call comes back to testosterone.

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Treating the Testicle Pain
If you're reading this as you sit cross-legged at your computer, groaning in agony and longing only to tear off your scrotum and chuck it out the window, then chances are you could care less about the science of your symptoms. What you want is a solution. If you're taking steroids, or if you're just spending six hours a day at the gym, the first step is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Toss out the 'roids, take a break from the weight room, and allow your body some time to normalize.
In the meantime, there are herbal preparations that are specifically formulated to treat groin pain and testicular atrophy. (SEE: Natural Formula for Groin Pain Relief) They contain herbs like Cistanche, Epimedium and Quercitin, and they work by increasing testicular circulation, reducing the presence of testicular interstitial tissue edema, and restoring hormone balance. If the problem persists, and you suspect that you may have a severe inguinal hernia, visit your doctor right away for a closer inspection.

If you're overcome by severe testicle pain, you can rest assured that every aspect of your life will suffer as well, so take care of your body, even if that means you never achieve the physique of Mr. Universe.

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