Faking Orgasm - Is She Faking It?

Some ladies will protect a man’s ego by faking an orgasm or two, and some men will believe the lie. Men, you need to spot a faker—not for her sake, but for your own. Men who can spot a woman faking an orgasm can correct their sexual inability, miscommunication, and provide a more meaningful experience.
Signs She’s a Fake
  • Cries for pleasure—without a flush body. A woman can easily fake a cry for pleasure, but she cannot wangle a flushed body. As a woman nears her peak, her body gets flush with heat.
  • Intense breathing—Mammals have the ability to control their breathing—both consciously and unconsciously. During an orgasm, ladies can easily intensify their breathing to give their partners a sign that they reached an orgasm.
  • The final flourish—fakers know when to perform, but like B-list actors, the truth rests in the performance. If you notice her final breaths and screams forced, she’s lying.
Spotting the Real Deal
Flush body—Ladies will be unable to control the intense heat from their flush bodies, and that’s the first physical cue she reached an orgasm.

Dilated pupils—Depending on the position, males can tell if a woman’s pupils are dilated, which signify she reached an orgasm.

Tension—If her abdominal or PC muscles tighten up, she reached heaven. Her PC muscles should tighten around your pelvic area while her abdominal muscles tense up.

Heart Rate—Men, if you cop a feel of her breasts, you should be able to tell if her heart is racing or not. 

Face The Reality
If a woman is faking orgasm, it means she still love her man. But not long! Either she needs to natural solution to resolve her orgasm difficulty or the man needed step up by improving his erectile strength (read more for correcting the weak erection problems).


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