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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Every Teen Boy's Dream – Every Grown Man's Nightmare | The Dangers of Over-Masturbation

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By Chris Scalise Conditions: Men'sOver Masturbation

Remember when the pangs of puberty began to overtake your mind? Perhaps you were 13 or maybe 12 years old (hell, some boys discover themselves even earlier than that). You noticed girls in a different way, and there was nothing more awe-inspiring than a discarded porno magazine resting neatly in a garbage can for your taking. About this time, you also realized that your penis was good for more than just writing your name in urine--a lot more, in fact. It was then you discovered the wonders of masturbation. 
You held the power of ultimate pleasure literally in the palm of your hand, and because of this power, it's safe to assume that your showers became longer and your sleep cycle became shorter. It's a fond time for most teenage boys, but sadly, there is a price to be paid for all great and wonderful things. 
Now you're all grown up, working a 9-to-5 job and navigating the challenges of adulthood. Perhaps you're masturbating just as much as when you were 15 years old--perhaps even more. If so, we may have a problem on our hands (forgive the pun). You probably didn't hear this from your sex-ed teachers, but over masturbation—especially in adulthood—can contribute to penis shrinkage...(more)
Masturbation and Penis Shrinkage – Wait, What? 
Whether you're a grower or a show-er, penis shrinkage is bad news. According to WebMD, there are two factors that lead to penis shrinkage in adulthood. The first is known as atherosclerosis, a phenomenon characterized by plaque buildup. This accumulation of plaque inhibits the natural flow of blood to the penis. The second factor is the accumulation of scar tissue along the fibrous sheath surrounding the erectile chambers. This scar tissue causes blockages within the chambers that amounts to smaller erections. 
So what causes this plaque buildup and scar tissue? You guessed it: excess masturbation. When you're a teenager, your body is a bit more equipped to handle the abuse. But as you get older, your testosterone starts to diminish; the defenses of your body become weaker; and your penis begins to feel the scourge from years of fantasy-induced abuse.

After all, it's a small, sensitive organ; when you treat it like pizza dough, it's going to start to break down. 
My Penis is Getting Smaller – Now What? 
Think about it. When you were 16, you achieved the kind of erections that literally felt like they were going to make your penis explode. When's the last time you had an erection like that? Think about it for a moment...that's what I thought. Chances are you have already done quite a bit of damage. So the next question is, “How do I get my size closer to where it was in my penile glory days?” There is good news. All hope is not lost, and even if you have abused your penis to the point of submission, you can still reverse much of the damage. 
Let the Healing Begin
If you're tired of looking at the exhausted appendage between your legs, here's a bit of encouragement for you. Certain massages and nourishing herbs can restore your penis to its former luster.

Herbs like Catuaba, Sarsaprilla Jamaican, Herba Cistanchi and Rehmannia Glutinosa (Formulated in Botanical Concoction)  can improve your hormone levels, stimulate blood flow and repair some of the tissue damage. Of course, the hard part isn't taking the herbs. The hard part is cutting back on the masturbation. So next time you feel the urge to indulge in a bit of one-handed action, remember the potential consequences. 

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