Erectile Dysfunction: Chronic Condition Statistics

Jose had a long-standing history as a health and dietary advocate. He exercised. He ate well. He even read health and diet magazine. Despite his healthy habits, he found himself diagnosed with high cholesterol.
He later noticed his erectile strength started to diminish, and his sex drive along with it. Eventually, Jose lost all capacity to engage in sex. He was 36, depressed and suffering from erectile dysfunction.
According to recent statistics from the National Institutes of Health, 15 to 25 percent of males 60 and above suffer from E.D. on a regular basis. While not common in men 40 and below, erectile dysfunction can occur at almost any age due to a multitude of reasons. Jose’s E.D. was actuated by high cholesterol, but other chronic conditions can too cause E.D.
Hypertension and E.D.
E.D. is common in men with hypertension. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, causes arteries to age and experience inelasticity. When arteries can no longer carry blood as before, men can experience erectile problems. High blood pressure can cause the inner arterial walls to become damaged. When toxic substances are present, blood will pass through the endothelial cell layer oxidizing inside.

Oxidation will then induce inflammation that thickens the blood vessel walls, altering the blood supply to the brain and penis. Learn more about Red Yeast Rice and it's effect to help you reduce cholesterol. A new compound extracted from melon, GliSODin can help improved you aged arteries.
Diabetes and E.D.
More than 24 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, and that number continues to grow with each year. Diabetes can often lead to circulatory problems, directly causing erectile dysfunctions in both adults and adolescents. Men with diabetes suffer from E.D. because of
  • Poor blood circulation to penile tissue
  • Lack of testosterone
  • Low blood pressure to the penis due to medications
  • Chronic Renal and Liver Failure
Over 40 percent of men suffering from chronic renal failure experience E.D. According to studies, dialysis can increase prolactin and reduce testosterone levels. When men experience a reduction in testosterone levels, the result can be fatal for sex drive and erectile capacity. Meanwhile, 50 percent of men with alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis tend to suffer from E.D. as well. Try natural remedy to help you recover.
Other Known Issues for E.D.
30 percent of men with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases experience erectile dysfunction, while 85 percent of men who have had a stroke too see a reduction in erectile strength. Because stroke victims experience blocked arteries, the likelihood for E.D. is even higher. 71 percent of men with multiple sclerosis reported incidents of weakened erectile capacity or non-existent erections. While men with neurological disorders, including tumors, Alzheimer’s and peripheral neuropathy too reported problems with E.D.
Alternative Medicine & Approaches
Many ancient holistic approaches are very powerful and effective in helping men with chronic conditions & erectile disorders. Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Harmonic Qi Gong, and Herbal Supplementation have been rigorly tested and helped men to overcome their chronic problems. Dedication in key to get these holistic treatments to work. Good Health To You!

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Lee Brampton's picture
Lee Brampton posted on Wed, 06/05/2013 - 13:25
I have diabetes type 1 and I am taking care of it. I  haven't really experienced any problems with my erection just yet but I know it is a matter of time. Luckily I already know what herbs and everything else to do when it comes time to it. I will be set and hopefully never suffer from any sexual dysfunctions.
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