E.D. Maybe to Blame for The Lack of Wood

The penis symbolizes manhood. For a man, the size of his penis and ability to please a woman defines a great sexual encounter. Some men may have an average sized penis; other men may have great technique. Whether big or small, great technique or not, men who cannot achieve or maintain an erection will toil incessantly to regain their manhood.
The average male will achieve five full erections during one sleep cycle. Being greeted by an erection as you awake signifies a normal balance of hormones. Men under the age of 35 who lack morning erections may be suffering form Youth Erectile Dysfunction (Youth Impotence), a sexual problem that can impede sex and leave men feel less than manly.
With one out of every five men suffering from erectile dysfunction, E.D. presents a bevy of physical and psychological debilitations on a man’s sex life. E.D. often occurs because of an imbalance of hormones due to age; however smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and penis injuries can all cause E.D. as well.
What Causes E.D.?
Erectile dysfunction is a result of both psychological and physical defects that cause the male’s penis to stay limp. A man can be suffering from a hormone imbalance, which causes him to be unable to maintain or achieve an erection. Likewise, a man can be suffering from a penis injury that can cause him to stay limp.
Having a firm, morning erection as a young adult is a healthy sign that his reproductive system is functioning as intended. Adults under the age of 35 might have overstressed or exhausted their brain stimuli, blood vessel, nerve function, and hormones that have resulted in NOT being able to achieve and maintain an erection. Excessive masturbation, use of street drugs, alcohol abuse, or injuries to the penis can all interfere with the nitric oxide production and normal blood flow to the penis.  A lack of a morning erection may signify a male has E.D., however, only a certified medical practitioner can diagnose a person.
Individuals who wish to regain their normal morning erections may want to actuate the following lifestyle changes:
  • Stop the recreational drug and alcohol use
  • Avoid using penis pumps and rings that can cause injury
  • Impede excess masturbation, which can cause the body to fatigue
  • Exercise often
  • Maintain a well-balanced diet
  • Take Epimedium, Bueta Superba, and Cnidium extract to help boost your erections
Cnidium, Butea Superba, Damina, Maca, and Epimedium in Botanical Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction are very effective in the rejuvenation of erectile tissue damaged by sexual exhaustion and years of drug abuse. Herbs in this formula also help replenish essential nutrients such as HGH, Dopamine, and DHEA that are necessary for adrenal and chronic fatigue and restore the normal hormone balance for maximum nitric oxide production.

What to do

Botanical Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

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AlvisWilson posted on Thu, 12/06/2012 - 02:21
Good post! Erectile dysfunction is very stressful and sensitive subject to discuss. I really like your way of expressing the opinions and sharing the information. ED medications may not be safe if you have heart problem, high or low blood pressure or eye problems. So if you see any symptoms of ED then quickly take a treatment and resolve this problem.

Alvis Wilson,

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