Don't Go with the Flow - Learn to end heavy periods and their heavy effect on libido

Of course, heavy menstrual flow (a condition known as menorrhagia) will inhibit a woman’s sex drive. Is there is anything more unsightly or uncomfortable? You go through an endless succession of pads with no relief in sight, while the last thing on your mind is engaging in sexual intercourse. Although some women don’t mind and often relent to having sex during their period, it is at times of such excessive menstrual flow when it is least desirable.
Heavy flow is commonly at the root of the depletion of the hormone, progesterone. Three hormones are integral to a woman's sexuality; testosterone encourages a healthy sex drive, estrogen lubricates the vagina, and progesterone heightens the libido. When these hormones are low, desire for sex is virtually non-existent and symptoms associated with low progesterone inhibit passion.
Libido is also certainly thwarted by bleeding that lasts longer than seven days or soaks through a tampon or pad every hour. Such characteristics definitely define heavy flow, and can be the result of a miscarriage, or a hormonal imbalance caused by serious disorders such as the presence of cervical polyps, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), cervical or uterine fibroid tumors.
But the majority of heavy menstrual flow can be attributed to factors such as the adverse effects of birth control pills, tubal ligation or menopause. After three successive months of heavy menstrual bleeding, certain steps should be taken; a Complete Blood Count (CBC) to check for anemia; a pelvic exam to rule out abnormal fibroids, cervical polyps or PCOS; and consultation regarding non-hormone-based alternative birth control should be sought for women currently on the pill.
Meanwhile, implementing natural remedies into the daily routine may successfully regulate heavy menstruation. The Botanical Tincture For Heavy Menstrual Relief includes such potent and effective herbs as Fennel Seed, Corydalis, and Ginger – all effective in treating the adverse symptoms of menstruation.
Heavy flow doesn’t need to mean the end of a healthy libido. Simply implement the natural methods available to restore your periods – and your sex life – to normalcy.

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Botanical Tincture For Heavy Menstrual Relief

There is nothing more unsightly or uncomfortable as heavy menstrual flow. You go through an endless succession of pads with no relief in sight. Read more
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KalebBliss's picture
KalebBliss posted on Tue, 03/05/2013 - 11:58
I have experienced this before. All the menstrual fluids that end up coming out of me grosses me out so much that I don't even want to have sex. The sex drive is completely gone and by the time it is back and I finally want to have sex with my man my next period is on. It is a horrible feeling!
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