Don't Be a Hack in the Sack – A Beginner's Guide to Sexual Endurance

Congratulations. You have officially taken your first steps into manhood. Perhaps you're 14, 21 or even 45 (hey, we all find love at our own pace). You know what goes where; you've brushed up on the essentials of how to please your partner; and maybe you've even hit the gym so that you can confidently have sex with the lights on--or at least the hall light. 
There's just one problem. 
When it comes to having sex, you're not exactly the Energizer Bunny. In fact, you're more like that cigarette lighter that refuses to stay lit. There's a spark, and then another spark, and then the whole thing goes dry. This lack of spark is premature ejaculation 101. 
Thankfully, as guys, we know all the winning lines. “I swear, this has never happened before.” “You're just so beautiful.” “Just give me 10 minutes and I'll be good for round two.”

Unfortunately, your partner has heard all of these lines before, and no matter how good you (think you) are with your tongue, you're not going to inspire much lingering excitement if you constantly spill your seed like a little kid carrying a full glass of milk across a slippery kitchen floor.

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Improving Endurance – Become a Sexual Dynamo 
Step one.  Repeat after me: “They're only boobs.” Stay in the moment. If you psyche yourself out with the realization that there's an actual naked person grinding on top of you, you're going to lose focus—and your seed--in a matter of seconds.

Rather than focusing on your own pleasure, focus on pleasing your partner. Sex is a give-and-take process, and a lot of guys tend to forget that. After all, our penises do like to run the show. 
Step two. If you feel yourself getting ridiculously overexcited in anticipation of having sex, try masturbating an hour or two before hooking up with your partner. It worked for Ben Stiller in There's Something About Mary (come to think of it, that might be a bad example). Letting off a bit of steam can make a huge difference. Show that penis who's boss! 
Step three. Familiarize yourself with Kegel exercises. Locate your pubococcygeus, or P.C. muscle, the muscle that you clench to stop the flow of urine. Once you've found your P.C. muscle, spend a few minutes a day just clenching it and holding it for 10 seconds at a time with five second breaks in between. 
Step four. When having sex, train yourself to squeeze the end of your penis before you ejaculate. Then pause for about 30 seconds and resume. Repeat this process until you're ready to ejaculate. If your partner asks you what the hell you're doing, just say you're prolonging the action.

Also, remember that it's not just about intercourse. Don't underestimate the power of foreplay, even if that means you have to direct your tongue to places where it's not used to going. 
If All Else Fails
If, after all this, you still can't stay in the ring for longer than a couple of minutes without becoming the victim of a TKO, you may benefit from calming herbs like Cimicifuga, Jujube, Schizandra, Os Draconis, and Cornus (SEE: How Calm Pills Help Your PE). Sex can be pretty exciting, especially when you're new to the game. If you find the whole song and dance to be a bit overwhelming, you may just need to relax a bit.

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