Discovering the Benefits of Penile Weights

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The ancient Egyptians invented calendars, created their own written language and started the whole penis enlargement fad. It’s true. The ancient Egyptians were the first recorded civilization to start the penis enhancement trend. According to historians, the ancient Egyptians used crude forms of weights to expand penile tissue, and while their methods may have been a bit more painful, the use of weights continue today.

How They Work
Weights vary from brand to brand, but most devices will attach a strap to the base or tip of the penis and place the weights at the end of the strap. With the weights in place, gravity will pull downward and expand the tissue of the penis. As men adjust to the weight, they can increase the amount to apply more downward pressure and to pull the tissue even further. However, men who place too much weight too soon will experience penile injuries.
Potential for Danger
Weights, like most other enhancement methods, come with their possibility for danger. Men who try weights and experience injuries notice
  • Penile bruising
  • Penile insensitivity
  • Blood vessel ruptures
  • Impotence
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Benefits of Weights
Men who do try weights and follow the proper procedures will notice some benefits. When combined with all-natural supplements, the enhancement of these products can be great. Men who try weights in a safe fashion can see
  • Length growth
  • Improved blood flow to the penis
  • Elevated sexual pleasure
Prior to attempting any penis-weight techniques, you should always consult with manufactures and users to protect against injury. Men should too gradually increase weight since applying too much weight too soon will lead to injury. 



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