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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Deceptive Post-Work Relax Routines - Are You Using The Right Or Left Hand?

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Long days, longer nights is a popular saying nowadays. To relax after work, some men find themselves in their man caves—a dark room watching porn. Men young and old watch porn. And while watching porn, some masturbate—a lot.
Let’s get one thing straight: over masturbation is a habit built on habits of habits of habits. When young, men find themselves using coping mechanism that involves touching and comforting the penis to relax. When they age, the coping mechanism remains firmly entrenched in their daily routine. 
Moderate masturbation isn’t a terrible thing; in fact, it’s good for your health. Doctors often say that masturbation shows a healthy display of testosterone levels and sex drive. But masturbation, like excessive caffeine, causes the body to “crash.” The crash can result in headaches, migraines and even general fatigue...(more)
The Over Masturbation Crash
Caffeine fills the body with energy. After a few hours, the uplifting energy deflates, causing the body to feel more exhausted than it originally did. Masturbation, when done in excess, causes the body to experience similar symptoms. 
Each ejaculation raises the body’s prostaglandin E-2 and cortisol levels, stress hormones that can inflame the body. Now, these hormones do serve a purpose in the body—mostly for relaxing the body after a workout or to regulate blood pressure. However, excessive levels of either can have an insidious side effect on the body.  
Excessive masturbation depletes serotonin levels, flooding your system with stress hormones and prolactin. When prolactin combines with cortisol this depletes androgen hormones along with delaying recovery of blood vessels, tissue, and nerves. Instead of relieving stress, you’re decreasing your chances to recover. 
Clear the war for nature
Instead of taking shortcuts to relax yourself and recover for more energy, your body will develop energy stores more naturally with a Head Ache & Migraine Remedy. It contains a variety of herbs such as Ashgwandha, an herb that boost libido control, but also serves as a stress resistance support too. This can also aid in fighting off sexual habits that also cause migraines like over-masturbation. Try taking this remedy in while following a stable meal plan to see the best results.

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