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The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Dave’s Over Masturbation Problem Goes Really Bad

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By Susan Davis Conditions: Men'sOver Masturbation Symptoms: blurred vision

"Masturbation makes you go blind!"  Most men ignore that statement and pass it off as an old wives’ tale. Instead, they continue enjoying and masturbating to their digital porn library. Why? Because giving the ole’ penis a workout is much more important than worrying about it's effect on vision. After all, the penis is a muscle, and it too needs exercise.

And while masturbation remains a normal sexual behavior, it would not make you blind, but too much of it can damage vision.

Debbie Does Dallas; David Goes Blind
In the late 70s, “Debbie Does Dallas” made its debut, making it one of the most successful and well known pornographic film of its time. And while dozens of males watched as Bambi Woods “did Dallas” (ironically, the film was never filmed in Dallas) in an attempt to raise enough money to tryout for a famous Dallas cheer squad, many men failed to realize the impact porn and over masturbation had on their health.
Take David, for example. Dave watched “Debbie Does Dallas” multiple times. He watched the sequels. He even watched the other films starting Bambi Woods, the main actress in the film. When he filled his urges in the mornings, he quenched his “thirst” in the evenings with a few Playboys.

Each film he watched and every magazine he flipped through gave him the urge to masturbate. So he did. He masturbated day, night, even afternoons to “Debbie Does Dallas,” Playboy Magazines and even to television commercials with attractive actresses.  
Dave’s Over Masturbation Goes Bad
Dave’s over masturbation eventually depleted his body of necessary hormones and neurochemicals for a healthy sexually active. So while he was picturing doing Bambi Woods, he was literally having trouble seeing the images on screen.
His eyes became filled with cloudy, often contorted squiggly lines. His incessant habits depleted his body of three chemicals: cGMP, nitric oxide or acetylcholine. Each time he ejaculated, he depleted his C3G phyotochemicals, a chemical compound used by the rod visual sensory nerves to process images.  

The more Dave masturbated to “Debbie Does Dallas” the further he exacerbated his depletion of C3G phyotochemicals. His habits made driving to work an issue. Working on computers made for a near impossible task, and even looking at blue or white backgrounds yielded exasperating vision problems. 

Dave Ditches Debbie
Dave, like most males, couldn’t just abandon his old ways. So he set out to curb his habits. He researched sex addiction forums, and he even found a few herbal products to help restore his vision. He found that these products naturally resorted the C3G levels in his eyes to provide a healthier, clearer vision than before.

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