Danger of Getting Fat & Shrinking Desire

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Low sex drive in males is not uncommon. No man enjoys having a low sex drive and certainly does not brag about it, but the good news is that low sex drive can be corrected. In fact, many causes for male low sex drive can be easily overcome. One cause for low sex drive is male abdominal obesity.
Abdominal obesity in males occurs more easily as men age, but it can occur at any age. It is also enhanced by poor diet and lack of exercise. One does not wake up one day being obese.  It happens over time, as does the decrease in sex drive. Abdominal obesity can be described as the increase in mass around the belly area, basically an increasing waistline.  

As men age, testosterone levels naturally decrease. Add to this an expanding waistline which further lowers testosterone levels and men with abdominal obesity can experience low sex drive much earlier than their same age peers[1].
A great solution for male low sex drive caused by abdominal obesity is to take Chinese herbs that work in the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands produce natural testosterone.  These herbs are a natural way to increase testosterone production and to increase blood flow to the penis.  An advantage to using these herbs is that there is no embarrassing doctor’s visit required. Another advantage is that herbs are all natural. There is not a long list of side effects associated with the use of herbs as can be found with manmade medications.
There is no need for men to suffer from low sex drive due to abdominal obesity and there is no need to wait for a massive weight loss before sex drive increases. Using herbs is an effective and easy solution that can have quick results.

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^1. Sharpe , R. (2012, May 8). expert reaction to testosterone levels and obesity. 

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