The Curse of the Weak Erection…is not without a cure…

Many factors must be present for successful sexual intercourse. First and foremost, the presence of a sexual partner is necessary, obviously. Second, and not too far behind in importance, is a man’s firm erection.
Men who are impotent know how disastrous erectile dysfunction can be to a person's confidence and sex life. Almost as frustrating is to nearly achieve an erection, only to have it not be firm or full enough to enjoy using it. This phenomenon is very common and manifests itself in the form of the condition known as Weak Erection - when the penis is engorged with blood but not to the extent that it is hard enough for pleasurable intercourse.
A weak erection is caused by insufficient blood flow to the penile sponge-like tissues. When the penis doesn’t get enough blood, it cannot expand fully. Also, if the sponge tissues can’t hold the blood, the penis is restrained from growing to its full size. There are a variety of factors that can cause the arteries and veins to constrict and reduce blood flow. Notably, smoking and a high fat diet contribute to such adverse effects. Venous leaking brought on by a penile injury can keep a penis from holding sufficient blood flow, and this, too, can cause a weak erection.
A weak erection is quite frustrating because, while it is still considered an erection, it is not hard enough to provide adequate stimulation for a sexual partner. Such potential disappointment damages self-esteem and confidence. A weak erection can also cause the anxiety that can lead to premature ejaculation (of course, weak erections can be physically responsible for premature ejaculation, too). A man suffering from this condition will often contract his PC muscles in order to aid in engorging his erection. By doing so, he will subject added pressure and stress onto the prostate gland. This added activity of the prostate will mimic orgasmic contractions and precum will lubricate the urethra, signifying the inevitable ejaculation.
Of course, there are other reasons why a man might suffer from the condition. Use of drugs such as painkillers, antidepressants, marijuana, cocaine, etc… could all directly result in weak erections.

Fact: Weak erections can ultimately lead to impotence
How does one deal with a weak erection before they’re beyond help? There are many ways to combat a weak erection; herbal remedies will improve blood flow to the penis to help erections become hard. Herbs may also improve penis control, size, and girth. Other ways to battle weak erections are through disciplined techniques used to strengthen the penis and improve ejaculation control.
Examples of these techniques are Harmonic Qi Gong and Natural Ejaculation Control. Both allow one to pro-actively withhold ejaculation while increasing sexual response from their partner.
Practicing these techniques consistently will bring satisfaction to a sexual partner that goes way beyond general intercourse. After all, sexual pleasure is derived more from intimacy and technique. It is this fact that will help men overcome the problems that weak erections often cause.
It’s time to make a hard decision, but one that could eventually lead to a hard penis. Do you want to continue with an unfulfilling (for you and her) erection or do you want to start remedying the situation? Read more about the natural solutions and their positive effects that lead to sexual pleasure. Living with a weak erection is no way to experience sex.

What to do

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AveryDigg's picture
AveryDigg posted on Wed, 06/05/2013 - 16:21
Without an erection you really won't be able to do anything enjoyable. I mean you can still have sex orally but that is not as enjoyable as having intercourse sex. I have started having weak erection so I am going to take charge of my problem before it becomes impotency.
Aminaab's picture
Aminaab posted on Sun, 02/09/2014 - 16:53
How Dr. Charles saved my marriage, I am a medical practitioner but I had to seek a natural means to help myself and save my home. The Problems men look common these days are not so common in other men as testosterone tends to get weaker men encounter problems, there are many factors affecting men,  Masturbation, Alcohol, Std, cigarettes and mental disorder. Men are mostly affected by one or two of the following causing then not to have low libido( urge for Sex) .
Gergo Fekete's picture
Gergo Fekete posted on Mon, 02/10/2014 - 14:57
Testosterone seems to be a big major problem behind sexual health problems. After reading the information on Herballove I have learned that it is a big factor. The lower the testosterone in men, the bigger the problems. For women, it is the opposite...more testosterone=more problems.
samson1232's picture
samson1232 posted on Wed, 09/24/2014 - 19:28
Am here to let everyone know  helped me with my weak erection problem which i have been suffering for years...


juan23's picture
juan23 posted on Tue, 10/27/2015 - 06:59
Hi, I have a question about taking ED meds and IBS. I take an off-brand of Canadian Viagra that my doctor prescribed for my prostate. However, I also have IBS. I've been taking the generic viagra for about five months and so far it's been fine. However, I've just recently began to have some trouble with my IBS. Could it be possible that the meds are effecting it? I have been taking them for a while but I know it can take time for meds to build up in your system, etc. This is what I take:

I'm 48 years old and besides the prostate problems and IBS I'm an otherwise healthy male. I also recently just switched to vapor cigarettes and quit smoking real ones. Any help with this would be appreciated as I can't afford to go see my doctor until the beginning of the year.
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