Cranberry and Hibiscus: Berry Effective Against Urinary Tract Infections

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Urinary tract infections strike across several demographics, ranging from children to the elderly. Research indicates that almost 50 percent of all women during their lifetimes will develop a urinary tract infection (and if they believe in past lives, the odds are even higher). And 1-in-4 women who gets a UTI will likely develop another. But cranberry and hibiscus can impede UTIs.
The Issue
Sure, traditional medicine, such as trimethoprim, cephalexin, or ciprofloxacin, works as heavy-duty antibiotics to kill bacteria, but these chemicals can lead to secondary infections. With continued usage, antibiotics become less effective because bacteria become immune to the chemicals, turning UTIs into annoying houseguests who refuse to leave. 
Cranberries and hibiscus form a powerful anti-bacterial posse determined to run these bad guys out of town (or at least out of your body, where it won’t be your problem anymore).
Resolving the Problem
Extracts from the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower prevent bacteria from clinging to the urinary tract, and a recent six-month study involving forty women with a history of frequent UTIs revealed that the use of hibiscus extract decreased the likeliness of infection by 89 percent. 
When hibiscus is used in conjunction with cranberry in pill form (cheaper than pure juice) it is a potent, low-cost natural intervention. And according to professor Itzhak Ofek, a researcher at Tel Aviv University's Sackler Faculty of Medicine, has positively indicated that cranberries ably combat urinary tract infections.
Lifestyle changes may also be in order. Creating a healthy urinary system is dependant on keeping your salt intake at a minimum, as high sodium elevates blood pressure, which can affect kidney function.
What To Do
Some experts believe that the hibiscus has a more potent “antimicrobial effect” than cranberry, and that using the two together to fight infection forges a compelling synthesis. A formula developed from these two aspects is the ideal way to promote urinary tract health and prevent urinary tract infections.
The suggested formula uses both cranberry and hibiscus to weaken the tentacle-like fimbraie on the bacteria from latching onto the urinary tract. The formula too helps to sustain consistent pH levels in the blood. Although results differ depending on bladder health, most users agree that they have seen favorable results within about 4 weeks.

What to do

Cranberry Urinary Tract Infection Remedy with Hibiscus

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