A Comprehensive Guide to Penis Techniques and Exercises

5,020,000 result pages exist for the keyword “penis enhancement products.” Every day, search engines are archiving pages with these keywords, directing men to websites, making similar guarantees, offering “scientific-based” evidence, and displaying countless user-testimonials about products.

The Dangers of Jelqing

  1. Learn the least effective penis enlargement exercises and techniques.
  2. Discover the most dangerous techniques that can lead to penile injuries.
  3. Find techniques and exercises that work well with supplements.
Websites that forgo selling products tend to market techniques and exercises that promise a larger, wider size. Whether you choose to buy a product or opt for a technique, you’ll find some methods work better than others. For men in search of a comprehensive guide to proven and dangerous penis techniques and exercises, here’s your list:
Common Penis Techniques and Exercises
1. Stretches: Some require simple tugging and pulling of the penile tissue, while others involve massaging the tissue to push blood toward other areas of the penis. Whether it’s downward pulling or sideways stretching, penile stretches will vary.
Effectiveness: Low, most stretches provide little assistance on their own, but when combined with supplements, may boost the growth of tissue.
Best for: Enlarging the length of a penis
Danger: Medium, while most tug-and-pull stretches will present little risk of injury, overzealous men eager for faster results might bruise tissue--or worse—rupture blood vessels.
2. Penile Weights: As the title implies, penile weights tack a few pounds of iron onto the head of a penis, forcing gravity to pull downward and stretch tissue.
Effectiveness: Medium, you might see some results, but the added risks place weights at a disadvantage versus other techniques.
Best for: Enlarging the length of a penis
Danger: High, weights, compared to stretches, pull the penis tissue with such force that tissue experiences bruising and blood vessels start popping.
3. Kegel Exercise: Marketed as exercises that improve bladder control, some businesses have managed to sell Kegel exercise equipment for penis enhancement.
Effectiveness: Low, while Kegel exercises remain suited for resolving bladder issues, little evidence remains for stretching the length or widening the girth of the penis.
Best for: Enlarging the length and the width of a penis
Danger: Low, because Kegel exercises do not require any risky moves or equipment, they encumber the lowest risk factors.

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4. Jelqing Exercises: Over the last decade, Jelqing techniques have been the center of controversy, and some proponents have defended the ability of the exercises to increase size. Meanwhile, users have reported bruising, injuries and even penile shrinkage.
Best for: Enlarging the length and the width of a penis
Effectiveness: Medium, because of the split between pro-users and users against the technique, the effectiveness of the Jelqing remains varied.
Danger: Medium, while the techniques might work, several users do report the exercises cause impotence and even penile shrinkage.
5. Ballooning Technique: Known to redirect and trap blood inside the penis, the Ballooning Technique remains a promising candidate for lengthening the penis—especially when taken with supplements. Still, insufficient evidence exists to prove the claims.
Best for: Enlarging length
Effectiveness: Low, because some experts claim that the technique may require supplements to aid with growth, the technique earns a low score for effectiveness.
Danger: Low, while its effectiveness may not be high, the technique does contain some of the lowest risk factors.
6. Penile Girth Growth Technique: Compared to other techniques, the Girth Growth Technique aims to enlarge the penile chambers for girth.
Effectiveness: Medium, plenty of users have reported greater results with the technique.
Danger: Low, similar to the Ballooning Technique, Girth Growth contains few drawbacks, and when coupled with a supplement, it might boost a man’s width.
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