Cnidium Pork Rib Simmering Soup for Young Adult Impotence

Cnidium, well known as a libido booster in Traditional Chinese Medicine, serves as a staple ingredient in Cnidium Pork Rib Simmering Soup, a Chinese dish sons eat on their wedding night. According to Chinese folklore, the soup enables a newlywed man to perform well sexually and procreate. 
Raw Cnidium (She Chuang Zi) alone has a repungant taste, but when collated with pork rib soup, the herb can boost Kidney Yang Bioenergy and increase the testosterone levels necessary for a harder erection. 
To start, bring water to a boil then lower the heat until bubbling. Slow cookers manage to cook simmer soup easier because of a cooker's automatic adjustment feature.


15 gram of Cnidium (She Chuang Zi)
9 gram of Herba Cistanche
9 gram of  Schisandra Berry
9 gram of Panax Ginseng
9 gram of Licorice
6 gram of Lycium Fruit
5 slices of fresh ginger
Chop pork rib into small chunks

  1. Wash the pork ribs and herbs
  2. Put pork ribs and herbs inside the pot
  3. Fill the pot with enough water to cover the herbs and meat
  4. Add salt and pepper
  5. Simmer for 3-5 hours or until the ribs are completely cooked
Since some Chinese herbs react with metal, it is not recommended to cook herbal soups in a metal pot. Use a ceramic, clay , or slow cooker for best results.

Herbal Remedy
Cnidium Pork Rib Simmering Soup improves erection quality and sexual organs. If you consume this herbal soup twice a week, it would take 3-6 months to see some significant progress, especially since the herbs are not highly concentrated compared to herbal supplements. If you want a faster recovery, take the herbal formula Natural Erection Supplements & Pills.

What to do

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Mildred Nino posted on Fri, 04/19/2013 - 15:59
I am definitely going to have to use this for my partner. He likes to try new things and if he can try something new and also benefit from it then it is a one two punch. It looks delicious!
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