The CATUABA Solution - Brazil's answer to lagging libido

Catuaba is a popular herb derived from a medium-sized tree native to the northern Brazilian Amazon forests. The bark from the Catuaba tree is used in traditional Brazilian medicine, where it is considered a central nervous system stimulant with profound aphrodisiacal qualities. It is even believed that it can help men overcome erectile dysfunction problems. A decoction is formed from the bark and is then used to treat nervousness, poor memory, and sexual weakness. The herb is said to increase blood flow to both the brain and genitals, and improve memory, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and high blood pressure.
Indigenous tribes of the Amazon Rainforest such as the Topi Indians and Brazillian city dwellers have long used Catuaba bark as a natural herbal remedy for low sex drive. In Brazil, its sex-enhancing properties have been taken advantage of for centuries. There, it is often combined with other herbs such as Muira Puama, also considered to be of aphrodisiacal nature. In fact, of all Brazilian aphrodisiac plants, these two are the most renowned.
It is not certain when bark from Catuaba trees was first designed for use as an aphrodisiac and nervous system stimulant. The facts are limited, and Catuaba's effectiveness as an aphrodisiac has not actually been scientifically proven. Despite this, its popularity and reputation cannot be disputed. Throughout the world it is considered to be among the most effective remedies for erectile dysfunction and other sexual shortcomings. Plus, at this point there’s no denying its effect in helping to calm anxiety and pain due to nerve problems.
Scientifically speaking, Catuaba has adoptogenic properties that can help the body endure stress while modulating the proper production of sex hormones. When it is blended with other herbs, various hormonal receptors in the reproductive system will become more responsive to cellular signaling and hormone interactions. For example, Oxytocin that is internally secreted due to intimate caressing will respond more effectively and boost sexual stimulation. Although individual women will respond to herbs differently, even the most severe libido problems will see gradual improvement when Catuaba-heavy remedies such as the  Natural Hormonal Realignment & Libido Restoration Formula are taken.

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Natural Hormonal Realignment & Libido Restoration Formula

Whether we are in our 20s or our 70s, most of us enjoy healthy sex lives. But sometimes we struggle with performance issues or a lack of desire to have passionate sex. A sluggish sex life may have more to do with physiological issues than with age. Read more
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jame finn posted on Mon, 06/03/2013 - 10:20
Catuaba is an herb I had never heard of. I tried to study all these herbs but this one was just one I had never come across. After taking it I found it's true powers. I felt like my penis was ready to go 20 rounds at a time. I felt like I could ejaculate and immediately go at it again. That's how great it worked for me. I couldn't be any happier because I got exactly what I read it would do. These brazilians really do know what they are doing.
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