Burned Out: Amphetamines, Impotence, and Exhaustion

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Speed. Uppers. Crank. These are all slang for prescription and street stimulants (the latter referring to crystal meth, mainly). Some of you may be taking amphetamines or amphetamine-like drugs for certain conditions, but some use them for illicit purposes. They can have paradoxical effects: some may notice a tremendous increase in sexual desire, thoughts, or actions while they also have a soft (or non-existent) erection. Over time, they potentially result in residual impotence and a burnout effect.
Let's take these possible scenarios: 
  1. At some point along your travels, you begin using crystal meth. It enhances your sociability, sex drive and attention. You start masturbating to some pornography. By the end of your ten-hour session, you've crashed and your sex drive has apparently shriveled (among other things). You spend years caught in the drug-cycle, and your penis stops responding completely, so all you have to pass the time is building cabinets out of recycled computer parts.
  2. You're prescribed medication, and you notice an elevated libido. You start attending to your “one-eyed wonder weasel” in excess, or you partake in sex sessions suited for the Olympics. While the effects of the drug aren't as extreme as those of crystal meth, over time they result in impotence.
Both the licit and illicit products release dopamine, norepinephrine, and a smaller amount of serotonin.
Each chemical serves a specific function in the body, for example: 
  • Dopamine, the pleasure, reward and motor function chemical, can induce a state of well-being and can increase the desire to have sex.
  • Norepinephrine, the “fight-or-flight” and attentive-focus chemical, creates appetite-suppression.
  • Serotonin, the happiness and emotional activation chemical, is associated with intimate touching, emotional closeness, laughing and feeling serene. For obvious reasons, increased levels also increase the urge to touch and feel.
So how can drugs that enhance these chemicals be harmful?
For one, amphetamines raise blood pressure and reduce the natural regulation of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. They also result in lower levels of these neurotransmitters upon stopping habitual use, which results in fatigue, depression and disinterest.  At high doses, they can result in neurotoxicity. 
I have a hunch that damaging parts of the brain is not the best sexual enhancer.
For those who have recovered but still struggle with erectile dysfunction, there are some natural approaches & remedy to promote your ability to perform. Ginkgo biloba contains many helpful ingredients, such as quercetin and bilobamides. It acts by raising levels of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in a much less drastic way than the stimulants.

Korean Ginseng helps prompt and sustain arousal by increasing blood flow to the penis; it's also useful for recovery from taxing “Bedroom Olympics.” It tends to “calm” more than “sedate.”

Guarana acts as a “pick-me-up” without exhausting your resources; it contains an antioxidant called catechin, which produces a stimulating effect by acting as an MAO-B – it gently blocks monoamine oxidase-B, a chemical that breaks down dopamine.
With help from nature, you can go from “flimsy, floppy and inattentive” to “firm, friendly and ready for action”. By increasing blood flow, relaxing the mind, stabilizing neurotransmitters, and putting some pep in your step, your sexual life can recover from abuse.

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