Breast Enlargement Surgery: Five Fallacies

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“Everything I have is because of them.” --Anna Nicole Smith taking about her breasts
The ancient Greeks had their myths and so does modern society. Breast implants are no exception, and many women, while trying to educate themselves about this popular procedure find themselves besieged with false information. Rumors can be very destructive and only serve to clog up an effective decision-making process. How can you sort through what is and what isn’t true? As your mother used to say, do your homework and read on.
Do not consider the following list to be in any particular order of importance. They all amount to a hill of beans anyway.
Myth No. 1: Breast Implants Last a Lifetime
Nothing, save for gold and diamonds, ever lasts a lifetime. While advancements in technology have increased the longevity of implants to about 20 years, this surgery remains light years away from allowing implants to last a lifetime. 
Myth No. 2: Breast Surgery Is a Simple Procedure
Many horror stories circulate about surgery being performed by either an inexperienced or an unqualified surgeon. Inexperience and unqualified surgeons can lead to complications—and even death. Remember: Choose a doctor with a list of credentials as large or larger than the breasts you wish to get. 
Myth No. 3: Women Do Breast Augmentation for Someone Else
Many people believe that women with breast implants have submitted themselves to the procedure in order to please men. While this may be true in some isolated instances, for the most part, women undergo this procedure to please themselves and to enhance their own sense of self-esteem.

Pleasing a lover who may prefer larger breasts should never be a woman’s primary motivation for this surgery. 
Myth No. 4: Bigger Implants Are Better and Sexier
Breast augmentation must be decided on the woman’s body size and build. Bigger implants can warp the chest wall by exerting constant pressure against it, resulting in irreversible abnormalities.

On a slim body, bigger implants can cause rippling and make the edge of the implant visible to the naked eye. It is up to the surgeon to decide which size implant is best suited for each particular woman.
Myth No. 5: Silicone Breast Implants Are Dangerous and Can Cause Cancer
Dating back 50 years to that first breast enlargement surgery, there has been no association between silicone gel and saline-filled breast implants causing cancer. Extensive studies concerning a connection to auto-immune diseases is controversial and inconclusive. 
There have been problems concerning leakages and ruptures, and for some time, the FDA did not approve breast implants. Today, silicone breast implants are much safer and since 2006, the FDA has approved them as safe for women to use.
Mother Nature’s Tool Chest 
Within the realm of natural remedies there is help for breast enhancement without the side effects and cost of plastic surgery. Certain herbs promote breast growth and are recommended for combined use.

These include Fenugreek, which imitates estrogen and stimulates breast growth by promoting the production of prolactin; Pueraria Mirifica, which is known for its tissue-building properties and Dong Quai, which contains four different phyto-estrogens that foster breast health. (See: Natural Ways For Bigger Breast Growth)
So what are you waiting for? Armed with the truth, consider your options today!

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