In Bread and Beer Only: How to Get Yeast Out of Where It Doesn’t Belong

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Yeast is an interesting microorganism. Those of us who aren’t brewers or bakers tend not to have a lot to do with it. The only time we run into it is when it pops up exactly where we don’t want it: our vaginas. Feeling itchy? Irritated? Weird smell, but not fishy? You’ve probably got a yeast infection.
How Did I Even Get This?
There are numerous potential causes for yeast infections. Unfortunately, certain of us are predetermined to battle with yeast infections simply due to our own physiological makeup. Women with diabetes are especially prone to yeast infections, as well as women who eat a lot of sugar or simple carbohydrates. Women on birth control. Women not on birth control, but with unbalanced hormones.
The two most active starting ingredients for a yeast infection are food and warmth. That’s why diabetic women, or women who eat simple sugars, tend to experience so many yeast infections. The yeast fungus Candida needs to eat to survive and multiply.
Sour Power
Normally, the vagina is slightly acidic, with no food present for those little organisms to eat. However, a sweet diet can overcome the acidic nature of the vagina and create easy food stores, allowing the small, naturally occurring pockets of fungus to expand into a vagina-colonizing terror. Hormonally imbalanced women will suffer the same, with excessive amounts of prolactin causing an increase in cervical mucus for the Candida to feed on. Yum!

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Try It Au Naturel
Yeast infections are an extremely common problem, yet most women initially resort to the messy, over-the-counter anti-fungal suppositories rather than try a more natural cure. As many ways as there are to contract yeast infections are there ways to cure them homeopathically. We shouldn’t be reliant on these types of products, as they tend to interfere unnaturally with the vagina’s natural ecosystem. Once that sensitive system is knocked out of balance, all sorts of problems can arise.
Pump Up Your pH
Possibly the simplest way to restore the vagina to full health and vitality is to reset its pH balance. The vagina is meant to be acidic. When it is not acidic, the various bacteria and fungi easily colonize in the warm, moist environment. By returning the vagina to its normal state, the invasive bacteria and fungi die out—without causing any damage or irritation to vaginal or labial tissues, or any sort of environmental upheaval.
An extremely quick and easy way to do this is to use a dilute vinegar douche. I’m sure you’re all aware of how douches can lead to problems in the vaginal area, such as irritation, and can even cause the yeast infections you’re trying to be rid of!
No Soap!
However, this warning applies only to scented douches, or douches containing any sort of foaming, soapy, alkaline material. All of these will either irritate the vagina, or cause it to become even less acidic, completely defeating the purpose of the douche. Even the water you use can influence vaginal pH, albeit to a much smaller degree.
Squirt, Squirt, Ah
A simple douche can be just a pipette and a bulb. After sterilizing the equipment, the bulb is filled with the douching liquid, and the pipette is then inserted into the vagina. (SEE: Yeast Infection Relief Douching) A few squeezes of the bulb, and the vagina is lightly rinsed with a balancing wash. A good recipe for a restorative vaginal douche is 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of warm distilled water. Apple cider vinegar is very mild, and has a more pleasant smell than the pickling vinegars we’re all familiar with!
Next time you’ve got a yeasty problem, try a douche at home before running out for pharmaceuticals. You’ll do your body, and your pocketbook, a favor!

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