Birth Control The Cause Of Your Sagging Breast

The ideal breast: firm and soft. As a woman ages, she slowly begins to lose firmness in her breast and she starts to see them sag. Sagging breast is a natural process. When sagging of the breast occurs earlier than it should, such as in the early 30s or 20s, then it’s a problem. Premature sagging of the breasts is attributed to a hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, weight gain, unhealthy diet, and even birth control. Granted, larger breast are prone to sag faster, but still, average sized breast should not be sagging at an early age.
Premature sagging is preventable and reversible by massaging the breast with botanical oils, as with the likes of Natural Ways For Bigger Breast Growth, and increasing blood circulation to the breast tissues with the Reiki Massage. Both methods provide an all-natural solution to help curb the process or even help invigorate the breast tissue.
Birth control is often to blame for premature sagging of the breasts. Birth control pills trick the body into thinking its pregnant by causing a hormone imbalance. This contrived imbalance, if prolonged, can cause women to loose firmness of the breast and even see sagging of the breasts. Women looking to regain the original form of their breast may need to stop taking birth control pills for a while. In addition, women may need to perform the above mentioned techniques to help rejuvenate the breast tissue and lift the breast to their original state.

What to do

Reiki Massage for Sagging Breasts

Reiki Massage, performed typically by professional therapists, can improve breast tissue circulation while reducing saggy breasts. Reiki breathing and touching palm techniques can also be used as a breast augmentation method. For fuller, healthier... Read more
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Natural Ways For Bigger Breast Growth

Breasts are composed primarily of glandular tissue and fat. The amount of fatty tissue in the breasts varies but depends primarily on the body’s weight. Most women can lose weight, but retain original breast size when taking herbal supplements.... Read more
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Emila Destiny's picture
Emila Destiny posted on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 09:30
I highly believe that birth control pills are really bad and have a lot of bad side effects. This article shows how it can be a bad thing with your breast. I am so glad that I have never tried them to this day.'s picture
[email protected] posted on Thu, 12/22/2016 - 02:49
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leah maya's picture
leah maya posted on Wed, 02/20/2013 - 11:35
Birth control is bad on my opinion. I don't take it and I don't plan on ever taking it. I have found out that it can have many side effects from other people's experiences and I don't even want to mess around with that stuff.
Savannah's picture
Savannah posted on Mon, 04/22/2013 - 11:01
With all the new kinds of birth control out there that are available it's no wonder this is happening to women. I can't imagine someone in their 20's already having to deal with saggy boobs. That would be the worst thing ever because that is one of the flashiest by far.
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