The Benefits of Penis Stretches for Enlargement

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In the last few years, the sex-toy industry has ballooned to a 15-billion dollar juggernaut. This small, clandestine industry that once sold products to only the most voyeuristic men and women now sells to everyday moms and dads seeking a bit more excitement in their lives. While most manufactures still sell toys and male enhancement products, an emerging trend remains penile stretches for growth. Everything from books to online videos promise a larger, wider penis. But do these stretches work? And if so, what can a man expect?

How Do Stretches Work?
Most stretches work off the same premise: You stretch the tissue and massage the penis to redirect blood to other areas of the organ. The constant pulling and tugging retrains the tissue and expands the size of the penis. Stretches, similar to lip or ear disks, grow body parts to abnormal sizes, and while some techniques prove promising, others remain dangerous.
Potential Dangers
Some stretches ask you to twist and pull your penis from side-to-side. Other techniques tell users to pull forward, downward and upward, and the strangest methods pull the penis backward toward the anus. Whether its forward, downward or side-to-side, methods can damage tissue and rupture blood vessels, especially when performed with added strain.

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  • Do you take any medications?
  • What does your diet consist of?
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Benefits of Stretches
Sure, the stretches do encumber a bit of a danger to them, but men who perform them with care do notice increased benefits. According to pundits, stretches, especially when combined with supplements, can provide
  • Increased tissue size
  • Improved blood flow toward the penis
  • Enhanced results for penis supplements
Stretch-Supplement Combination
Traditional stretching may work well enough for most men, but because stretches require discipline and time, a combination of pulling and tugging with supplements work best. Men who perform stretches can take supplements, such as
Each supplement targets different areas of growth while working with exercises. For example, Botanical Concoction improves the length of your penis, while the formula redirects blood toward different areas of the penis. Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement, meanwhile, increases the blood volume sent toward the penis to expand the width of the organ.

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