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Every warrior has had many great battles, but none as complicated and as embaracing as Urinary and Prostate control issues. 
The large crowd roars as the returning Aztec warrior arrives on top of the temple. He knows he had control of the battle. With his bare hands and his masculine strenghth, he has conquered. His offering arrives, a beatiful young woman who has been sent to please his every need. The warrior takes the beautiful girl into his chambers, the crowd roars once again as the heroe parts.
Once in his chambers, the Aztec warrior admires the girl’s nude beauty. She is doing all the right things to excite him, but the warriors secret weapon seems to be out of service, creating both a frustrated girl and a shamed warrior.
Even great warriors in Aztec times had prostate issues, just like men over the years have today. The problem is that in some cases prostate exhaustion and prostate enlargement create a situation in which the affected prostate will not hold up to the sexual challenge.
Today’s warriors battle ancient challenges 
Prostate problems have been arround for a long time and are normally present in men over the age of 40. There are cases in which younger men, even in their 30s can encounter prostate challenges. 
The main cause of this is an enlargement of the prostate is attributed to the natural growth of the prostate gland. When this growth happens, urine cannot be expelled correctly creating a slow urine stream and even urinary track infections.
These drastic changes in the prostate can be the result of changes in the ration of the testosterone hormone. There are also cases in which a bad diet or a lack of physical activity can create such a problem. This last one was most likely not the issue of the Aztec warrior.
At times the resulting issue from this is insuficient urinary control that can result in leftover urine. This may not seem like a big problem, unless in a weak or short erection that can be not only a challenge to any warrior, but also a nighmare to most men.

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An Aztec legacy can bring any warrior back to life
The Aztecs did not have anything like modern medicine to cure prostate and other sexual problems but what they did have was an amazing understanding of nature and herbs used in the aid of all health issues. 
The solution to an enlarged prostate may be in the pumpkin and specifically its seeds. Through a combination of various herb extracts, including pumpkin seeds, an Aztec Secret Formulation is available and is pobably one of the best kept secrets and probably the greatest blessing for men of all ages. The chemical composition of the pumpkin seed has the healing powers that will help sustain longer erections, improve prostate health and will even help you last longer during intercourse.
Don’t get me wrong, herbal remedies are great, and they can aid in many problems, but they also require commitment on behalf of the user to have a healthier lifestyle that includes proper eating habits and exercise. Let the warrior inside you conquer the battles and keep your prostate working to the maximum of its potential.

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