Bad Consequence of Female Sexual Exhaustion for Pregnant Women

Sexual exhaustion poses a danger to pregnant women.  The dynamic orgasmic stretching of the uterus and cervix will induce excessive COX-2 mRNA expressions, which produce excessive amounts of the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2.  Prostaglandin E-2 enlarges the cervical opening and induces labor. 
In 2005, a woman induced labor by masturbating, giving birth on the way to the hospital. Her baby was born 5 months premature and did not survive. While rare, masturbation can be the cause of death for an unborn child.
The mother was not held on any criminal charges, but the loss of her child was punishment enough. After the death of her child, she became addicted to drugs. Her husband left her, and eventually she found herself homeless.
In 2007, she sobered up. She emailed us in an attempt to share her story with the public. In this strange scenario, she has become the spokesmen for masturbation related crises.



madelyn wong's picture
madelyn wong posted on Mon, 06/10/2013 - 16:42
That is tragic! She masturbated and killed her baby. Why would you keep doing that if you saw it was a problem. This is very disturbing. I am glad she has learned her lesson and she is spreading the word and helping other women from doing it.
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