Are Penile Enlargement Exercises Safe and What are the Alternatives?

For ages, men have been besieged by the notion that penile size plays an important role in their sexual lives. In the quest to achieve bigger length and more girth, men across the globe have tried every method of enlargement. While no concrete data is available to determine the success rates of these various endeavors, enlargement exercises show some positive results, but at a dangers cost.
Dangers of some Exercises
Some exercises can affect the angle of an erection and inhibit blood flow to the penis. According to one case study, a man overdoing the downward stretch damaged the corpus cavernosa and tunica albuginea’s superior side that resulted in the formation of collagen, hardened the elasticity of the fibers, and caused the deformation of his erection. The erectile deformity can be cured with herbal supplements while enlarging the penis.
All-Natural Healing
For healing connective tissue and skin deformities, Gotu Kola, an Indian herbal concoction made of Saffron, along with Damiana and Ginkgo Biloba, can increase the blood supply to the affected tissue and genitals, expediting the healing process. All these herbs may promote healing, while improving your erection status and sexual potency.  
Powerful herbs have also been used throughout the ages as aphrodisiacs and for penile enlargement. For example, Yohimbe, popular in Africa, can treat impotence, stimulate sexual desire and enhance sexual performance. While Siberian Ginseng’s nitric oxide levels can expand penile tissue for growth. Herbal supplements mixed with Horny Goat Weed can dilate the blood vessels, which improve the flow of blood to the penis, resulting in fuller, stronger erections. Together, these herbs help heal your penis damaged by injury.

What to do

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2345789's picture
2345789 posted on Wed, 05/28/2014 - 14:25
My experience with some exercises brought a curvature to my penis. The angle that the penis curved in wasn't allowing me to do anything. I couldn't even continue to masturbate when I wanted to and even less let me have sex. It was one of the most frustrating things I could have gone through and then I needed to heal my penis. I used this same formula but just be careful out there men. Not all of these exercises are safe and if you do decide to do one, follow the steps! Don't skip one or just skim through it because it will lead you to something as horrible as me, if not, even worse.
Felipe Figueroa's picture
Felipe Figueroa posted on Wed, 05/28/2014 - 14:34
I tried a few exercises and got some really bad results from some of them. I did jelqing for a short month and realized that instead of my penis gettign bigger, it was doing nothing and instead harming my penis. I guess my penis wasn't getting enough blood flow.
Declan's picture
Declan posted on Wed, 05/28/2014 - 15:52
Luckily there are some herbs that can help out with any damage done by exercises. Herbs such as Yohimbe mentioned in this article will help with increased blood flow while other herbs will also help with any damage to the form of the penis.
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