Am I Average? The Truth About Penile Girth

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It’s not the size of the wand that counts; its the magic in it. Whether its thick or long, what matters is how you use it. Some men can allure their partners with their technique; others, with their stamina. Sure, great endurance and technique make up the ingredients for great sex, but come on, size counts for something, especially width.

Commonly Asked Penis Size Questions

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Your width ensures you’re hitting the right buttons at the right time. Width enhances pleasure. Width even lets you try some ostentatious, oh-my-god-where-did-you-learn-that-move, like “The Yielding Vine” (that’s where a woman lays on her back with her feet straight in the air, and the man, while lifting and positioning her back at 45 degree angle, penetrates and thrusts downward).

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Most men worry about being too "small," but really, men should worry about being too thin. Why? According to survery conducted by Psychology Today, “Ninety-percent of women responded that the thickness of a penis was a more important elicitor of pleasure.” So you see men, it's not the size of the wand that counts; it's the thickness of it. 

Why Men Worry More About Length Than Width?
Most men believe that length determines manhood, but ask any woman, and she’ll tell you, thickness matters more. Men have ineffectually been nurtured to think length trumps thickness.

Pornographic movies and images further reverberate that notion of “length matters.” While media and sex-induced magazines exacerbate the idea that size—especially length—can make her go crazy. Meanwhile, average, everyday Joe, scourge the Internet collating dangerous drugs, pumps and stretching techniques with the hopes of increasing size.

Is Width Really That Important?

Yes it is. 90 percent of women survyed said thickness mattered more
Confidence is King
Remember, the key to success with any woman is confidence. If you’re confident, she’ll feel comfortable in your presence. But confidence can only take you so far.

Sometimes you need a confidence boost to give your partner the desired pleasure she seeks. Other times, a small boost can turn "okay" sex into memorable sex. And while the size of the wand does not count, the thickness of it will.

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Nathaniel Wayne posted on Tue, 06/04/2013 - 16:23
YEAAAAA! I fall under average. I am so glad. That is a big sigh of relief. I always thought I was smaller than average. This makes me happy and hopefully it makes me confident as well :)
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