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Vaginal blood clots tend to build up for weeks, months, and even years before being expelled from the body. Thanks to the acidity levels in the vagina, women can dispense of these bodily fluids with ease. Vaginal blood clots serve as a reminder that the vaginal acidity continues to work as intended. The problem occurs when bloods clots cause additional issues, such as vaginal odor, intimacy fears and low sex drive. Try out menstrual cup. It is a good and natural way to collect heavy menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it through tampon or pad. 
How and Why Imbalances Occur
Think of the body as a cupful of water—balanced with enough water. Overfill the cup with water, it spills and loses the liquid contents. As the cup, the body can become overfilled with hormones and toxins that cause imbalances. Birth control pills, alcohol, and even drugs can actuate estrogen imbalances that lead to vaginal insensitivity, elevated symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and yes, even heavy blood clots.
First Estrogen Imbalances then Vaginal Odor
If estrogen imbalances were bad enough, vaginal odor can too come about because of heavy blood clots. Blot clots are expelled from the body when levels of estrogen dip. During menstruation, a woman experiences an inordinate drop in estrogen. Vaginal discharge, heavy blood clots, and even vaginal odor all can occur during this time. Once odor sets in, some women start to feel self conscious and even avoid having sex all together.
Blood Clots and Intimacy Fears
Because blood clots tend to cause vaginal odor, women begin to avoid intimacy with their partners in fear of negative reactions due to the smell. Once women begin to feel fearful of their partners’ reactions, they start to desire sex less and less thanks to the blood clots.

What to do

Menstrual Cup For Vaginal Hygiene

Worn inside the vagina during menstruation, menstrual cups collect menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it like a tampon or pad. Menstrual cup can also reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS),a potential fatal illness that occurs when... Read more
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leah maya posted on Fri, 06/07/2013 - 11:22
My partner once told me a story of an old sexual partner, well I don't know if you would consider her a sexual partner because they never did have sex. He said they tried once but there was a really bad odor coming from her vagina and it was really repelling and they didn't go through with it. If I was that girl I would have cried my eyes out. Take care of yourself ladies. You don't want to end up like that girl. Definitely search for signs of any blood clots because as you read, they do some really heavy damage.
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amandanunes posted on Sat, 10/21/2017 - 03:23
I have read about those cups else where before and essay champ don't agree with it. There are numerous other ways for it and this doesn't fit correctly as it will be a little difficult for us to walk with it.
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